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How has outdoor carpet changed over the years?

Outdoor Carpet - Not Your Daddy's Astroturf

Remember the green plastic stuff you had on your patio or deck when you were a kid? Now, forget about it. Today, outdoor carpet is far more than that old Astroturf. Advances in technology and fabrics have made outdoor carpet as comfortable as indoor carpet without sacrificing the traditional durability. With a wide selection of textures and colors for outdoor carpet these days, you can match any décor. Installation is a snap as well. One of the best outdoor carpet tips is to rent a roller to seal the outdoor carpet to the surface of concrete, but you will find that this is a small expense for the tightness it will provide. Don't walk on hard concrete if you don't have to. Look into putting down outdoor carpet to make your outdoor living more comfortable and more enjoyable.

Should I use outdoor turf carpet for my kids recreational areas?

Outdoor Turf Carpet for Home Recreation

No matter what your recreation of choice is, there are few better choices for home recreation areas than outdoor turf carpet. Resistant to the natural elements, outdoor turf carpet is great for a barbeque area or a home putting green. If you have a deck where your children will play while you cook up some burgers, you can ensure that they don't splinter on the wood or stub their toes on concrete by adding some outdoor turf carpet (this is one of the most important outdoor carpet safety tips). Outdoor turf carpet is not expensive and is easy to install. You can even stake it right over existing earth to create a driving range tee box or batting cage without tracking dirt back in your home. The applications for outdoor turf carpet are almost limitless for home recreation. Go for the comfort and durability of outdoor turf carpet over harder or dirtier surfaces.

Should I use indoor outdoor carpet on my patio?

Benefits of Indoor / Outdoor Carpet for Your Patio

If you have a patio on your home or are planning on adding one, you should consider the benefits of indoor outdoor carpet for your flooring. Indoor outdoor carpet is ideal for any type of patio with a hard surface as its base. Resistant to most types of weather, indoor outdoor carpet is good throughout all season and most natural settings. The durable fabrics and polymers that make up indoor outdoor carpet assist it in making it through the coldest of winters, the rainiest of summers, and the windiest of falls. Indoor outdoor carpet is also very easy to install and replace, should you ever need to. Because it adheres directly to the concrete surface below it, applying the carpet can be done by anyone. If it ever needs repair or changing, it is a simple matter of pulling the adhesive up and laying a new section down. For total comfort and great looks on your patio, consider indoor outdoor carpet for its flooring.

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