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Should I use hardwood floors or laminate floors in my home? hardwood floors look real, most laminates do not look like real wood.

Hardwood Floors vs. Laminate Floors

The selection you make when choosing the flooring for your home is one that should be based on your personal preference along with the value that the new floors will add to your home. If you are looking for a wood look for your floors, you can choose between hardwood floors and laminate surfaces. Hardwood floors are exactly as they sound. Planks of hardwood that are arranged to create a singular surface. You can make any patter you like with hardwood floors, but the more intricate the pattern, the more costly the project. Hardwood floors will last a long time, however, they are quite expensive and should you need any repair, are expensive to fix as well. Laminate floors are also just as they sound. Thin strips of wood are laminated to particle board backings in order to create a hardwood floors look without the harder installation and higher costs. Laminate floors will last long if cared for well, and are far easier to repair if a piece should become damaged. Lastly, the costs between hardwood floors and laminate floors are hardly comparable. If you are on a budget and want the great look of hardwood floors without the cost, go with a good looking laminate and most people will never know the difference.

How can I remove scratches from my hardwood floor?

Buffing Scratches out of a Hardwood Floor

Did you kids get a scratch on your new hardwood floors? Maybe the wife had heels that were a little too sharp on? Don't worry, buffing scratches out of hardwood floors is not the end of the world and can be done by anyone. Follow these hardwood flooring tips on repairs: If you have a scratch, go to your local hardware store and look for scratch filler kits. You will most likely find a color that matches yours to a tee. Once you have the kit, get home and start sanding and smoothing in preparation for filling the scratch. Once the area is prepped, use the hardwood floors repair solution to fill in the scratch. Mix to get the exact color you are looking for. Once the spot is filled and dried, lightly smooth the surface with a very low grit sandpaper to finish up. Polish with hardwood floors polish as necessary and be more careful in the future.

Is it difficult to refinish hardwood flooring on my own?

Refinishing Hardwood Flooring

If you have hardwood flooring that is long in the tooth, you will want to look into refinishing it at some point. This is not a difficult process and can be done with renting a few tools. here are some hardwood flooring tips on refinishing: First, clear out the space that you will be refinishing. Once the furniture and other impediments are off the hardwood flooring, you will want to start sanding. Rent a power sander from a local hardware store, most have them available. Be sure to wear a mask when sanding as the sawdust can cause serious respiratory problems. Sand your hardwood floors down to the original wood grain or until the top layer of finish is removed. Once done sanding, sweep and mop the sanded hardwood flooring to smooth the surface and free and loose dust. Next, get your stain ready, if using any. Working in smaller sections, begin to rub your stain into the hardwood flooring in a circular motion. Allow the stain to set for about one minute before wiping off any excess stain. Continue until the whole floor is stained in a consistent color. Lastly, apply a layer or two of a clear varnish to seal and preserve the newly stained hardwood floors. Allow the varnish to set for a day or two in a well ventilated area. Use fans wherever possible to get the fumes out of the room.

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