Buffing Scratches out of a Hardwood Floor

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How can I remove scratches from my hardwood floor?

Buffing Scratches out of a Hardwood Floor

Did you kids get a scratch on your new hardwood floors? Maybe the wife had heels that were a little too sharp on? Don't worry, buffing scratches out of hardwood floors is not the end of the world and can be done by anyone. Follow these hardwood flooring tips on repairs: If you have a scratch, go to your local hardware store and look for scratch filler kits. You will most likely find a color that matches yours to a tee. Once you have the kit, get home and start sanding and smoothing in preparation for filling the scratch. Once the area is prepped, use the hardwood floors repair solution to fill in the scratch. Mix to get the exact color you are looking for. Once the spot is filled and dried, lightly smooth the surface with a very low grit sandpaper to finish up. Polish with hardwood floors polish as necessary and be more careful in the future.



1/23/2009 3:34:14 PM
project girl said:

this is good advice, i thought i just ruined my floor


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