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How can I stop my Berber carpet from pulling? cut off the yarn at the backing.

Preventing Damage to your Berber Carpet

Although Berber carpet is far more durable than traditional plush carpet, Berber carpet does have its disadvantages. Berber carpet can pull easily. Something such as a cat can get its claws stuck in the clumps of fabric that make up the Berber carpet and soon you have a Berber mess. The edge of Berber carpet can pull, just like fabric when it is cut. If you pull on a loose strand, it will continue to pull until the knit is completely unwoven. To prevent the carpet from pulling out any further, one of the best Bereber carpet tips is to use a scissors to cut the loose ends and apply heat to it with an iron. The heat will cauterize the fabric and create a seal. Next, take your fingers and squeeze the area together to meld the heated fibers. With this little fix, you can save your carpet and extend its life by many years. It only takes a minute and will save you time and money in the end.

What flooring should I use for a very high traffic area in my home? for high traffic areas, Frieze's hold up best

Berber Carpet or Tile for a High Traffic Area

Certain areas of your home get more traffic from family, pets, and guests than others. What type of flooring would be best for these areas in your home. The truth is, that there are two, low-cost options for your needs – Berber Carpet or Tile. The advantages to berber carpet are that it is a very tightly woven carpet which will withstand many years of high traffic. It is also advantageous because of how easy it is to maintain and even replace if necessary. Berber carpet is a solid choice for these purposes. Tile is also a good alternative. The costs and installation of vinyl or ceramic tile are more than that of berber carpet, but the life span of your flooring will be greater. The cleaning and regular maintenance with tile is also fairly simple. A good mop and soap solution will keep tile clean and shinny for years and years. If you have a porous tile, you will need to give a good hard scrubbing every so often just to get the deep down grime. For your high traffic area, look to berber carpet or tile to give you the longest life of your flooring.

What type of carpet should I use for my rental property? 26.5 to 40 oz. Polyester or bcf nylon carpets

The Solution for Apartments - Berber Shag Carpet

Do you have a rental property or apartment and you are looking for the best flooring solution for long life and durability? If these are your concerns, along with costs, you would be best served to look into using Berber shag carpet in your property. Berber shag carpet is perhaps the easiest flooring to install. In addition to its ease of installation, it is also easy to replace when you get those tenants that everyone dreads. Berber shag carpet is available with stain protection as well. This can give you a little security that no matter how bad your tenants may be, you will always be a steam clean away from new looking carpets for your next occupant. Look to a wholesaler if you have many properties to floor. If you have a single property, berber shag carpet is available at many large retail outlets.

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