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What factors should enter into my choices of carpets? yarn type [nylon is best] yarn weight [40-70 oz] twist 4-8 ea.

Different Carpets for Different Designs

So you are spicing the place up with some decoration. If carpets make up part of your new design, make sure you match the carpets to the rest of the room decoration. There are several factors to think about when it comes to matching your carpeting. Beyond simple color schemes, you will also want to select a carpet that meets with your expectations of comfort combined with durability. Carpeting can last for many, many years if properly maintained. Depending on your new design, and the eventual use of the space, choose a carpet that will resist the elements that will be surrounding it in the end. If you are redesigning a bedroom, the comfort of softer carpets would be advised. For a more utilitarian area like a playroom, durability should be your guiding factor. No matter your space or design, if you are thinking of carpets for your space, be sure to pick the right one for your needs.

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