Preventing Damage to your Berber Carpet

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How can I stop my Berber carpet from pulling? cut off the yarn at the backing.

Preventing Damage to your Berber Carpet

Although Berber carpet is far more durable than traditional plush carpet, Berber carpet does have its disadvantages. Berber carpet can pull easily. Something such as a cat can get its claws stuck in the clumps of fabric that make up the Berber carpet and soon you have a Berber mess. The edge of Berber carpet can pull, just like fabric when it is cut. If you pull on a loose strand, it will continue to pull until the knit is completely unwoven. To prevent the carpet from pulling out any further, one of the best Bereber carpet tips is to use a scissors to cut the loose ends and apply heat to it with an iron. The heat will cauterize the fabric and create a seal. Next, take your fingers and squeeze the area together to meld the heated fibers. With this little fix, you can save your carpet and extend its life by many years. It only takes a minute and will save you time and money in the end.



7/7/2009 3:51:25 PM
JWB said:

If you heat carpet fibers to the melting point and then squeeze the molten blob WITH YOUR FINGERS you will be very, very, sorry. This "LITTLE FIX" will leave you permanently maimed.


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