Outdoor Turf Carpet for Home Recreation

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Should I use outdoor turf carpet for my kids recreational areas?

Outdoor Turf Carpet for Home Recreation

No matter what your recreation of choice is, there are few better choices for home recreation areas than outdoor turf carpet. Resistant to the natural elements, outdoor turf carpet is great for a barbeque area or a home putting green. If you have a deck where your children will play while you cook up some burgers, you can ensure that they don't splinter on the wood or stub their toes on concrete by adding some outdoor turf carpet (this is one of the most important outdoor carpet safety tips). Outdoor turf carpet is not expensive and is easy to install. You can even stake it right over existing earth to create a driving range tee box or batting cage without tracking dirt back in your home. The applications for outdoor turf carpet are almost limitless for home recreation. Go for the comfort and durability of outdoor turf carpet over harder or dirtier surfaces.



6/29/2007 2:09:16 PM
Dick Wrue said:

I'm thinking of covering my free floating grass level patio deck with in/out carpeting. The integrity of the decking is good, but the solid stain has worn. I'm planning to cover the deck with pt plywood, seal it's surface, and use it as a sub for the carpeting. I think for me, this would be a fast economical as well as elegant solution to resurfacing the patio. Although we cook on the patio in winter, I don't think pushing the snow off with a plastic shovel will do much harm. Anyway, that's the plan. Surface area is about 12' by 10'. Any thoughts? Thanks, -Dick


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