Outdoor Carpet - Not Your Daddy's Astroturf

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How has outdoor carpet changed over the years?

Outdoor Carpet - Not Your Daddy's Astroturf

Remember the green plastic stuff you had on your patio or deck when you were a kid? Now, forget about it. Today, outdoor carpet is far more than that old Astroturf. Advances in technology and fabrics have made outdoor carpet as comfortable as indoor carpet without sacrificing the traditional durability. With a wide selection of textures and colors for outdoor carpet these days, you can match any décor. Installation is a snap as well. One of the best outdoor carpet tips is to rent a roller to seal the outdoor carpet to the surface of concrete, but you will find that this is a small expense for the tightness it will provide. Don't walk on hard concrete if you don't have to. Look into putting down outdoor carpet to make your outdoor living more comfortable and more enjoyable.



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