Benefits of Armstrong Vinyl Flooring

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Does Armstrong vinyl flooring have any benefits I should know about? yes. they have a new finish/wear layer called TOUGHGUARD. Warranted not to rip.

Benefits of Armstrong Vinyl Flooring

Armstrong has been a leader in vinyl flooring for decades. There are many reasons why, but the most important one to you, the consumer, is their reliability and customer care. Armstrong vinyl flooring is made up of as good a composition of materials as any other manufacturer around, so the product is top notch. They go above the rest in other areas. When I ordered my vinyl flooring from Armstrong, I was met with a customer support mechanism that gave me one of the best purchasing experiences I have run into in my home renovation. All of the customer care lasts on through purchase, where you get a full warranty on your purchase. I have not needed to use my warranty because my Armstrong vinyl flooring has set in perfectly and has had no issues, but many people would like to know that there is a comfort level when ordering Armstrong vinyl flooring that few can match. Get a quote from Armstrong and see their service for yourself, first hand. You will agree that they not only make a great floor, but also take great care of their customers.



7/27/2011 11:40:17 AM
John Franks said:

Armstrong can't resolve the pink staining in their flooring products......although known to be common knowledge they deny ever having previously had this problem.......can be caused by rubber, gypsum dust, dampness/mould + others....several websites disclose the problem...all you can do is remove the vinyl floor and replace it with new.... customer care non existant...UK dept has closed and moved to Germany


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