Congoleum – A Revolution in Resilient Floor

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Is congoleum the best resilient flooring? no, Armstrong, Mannington and Tarkett all make good , better & best floors like Congolem does.

Congoleum – A Revolution in Resilient Floor

Many people don't know what congoleum or resilient flooring is. Basically, unlike older vinyl or linoleum flooring, resilient flooring is a man made combination of several polymer materials. It is from these combinations and mixtures that congoleum has created a revolution in flooring. The ability to produce a wide variety of flooring colors, designs, textures, and sizes makes congoleum a great solution for any remodeling project. The materials that are mixed create such a durable surface that there are now several manufacturers that license congoleum to produce their own brands of flooring. You can find a variety of congoleum floors by shopping the Internet or your local flooring outlet. With so many patterns and styles available, you are sure to find the perfect solution for your needs.



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