Vinyl Flooring – Rolls or Tiles?

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Are rolls or tiles better when choosing vinyl flooring? rolls.

Vinyl Flooring – Rolls or Tiles?

There are two main choices when it comes to vinyl flooring for your home or office. You can either go with rolled vinyl flooring or vinyl tile. Here is a quick comparison of the two to help you make your choice. Vinyl flooring that is rolled is a great solution. Its ease of installation is second to none as most is self-adhesive and can be cut to corners with ease. One of the main disadvantages to rolled vinyl flooring, however, is the fact that if a small area is damaged, the entire section of roll must come up to properly repairs it. For rolled vinyl flooring, you have a choice between ease of installation, and difficulty in repair. Vinyl tile is slightly different. Also self-adhesive, installing vinyl tile is only slightly more difficult die to the fact that you must set individual tiles rather than a large roll. However, it is because of the individual tiles that vinyl tile flooring is far easier to repair. If a single tile gets damaged, you need only to remove and replace that tile, rather than an entire section of the floor. For vinyl tile flooring, you have a choice between a slightly harder install, and a far easier repair. Check with your local or online supplier of vinyl flooring for more information on the benefits of vinyl flooring in tiles and rolls.



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