Regular Cleaning of Vinyl Flooring

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How can I best keep my vinyl flooring clean? use the vinyl Manufacture's floor cleaning solution.

Regular Cleaning of Vinyl Flooring

One of the many advantages to vinyl flooring is the ease with which you can keep it clean. Vinyl flooring is not a very porous surface, which means that dirt and grime have a hard time settling in. Here is a great plan for extending the life of your vinyl flooring by keeping it clean on a regular basis. • Sweep Regularly – Forget the vacuum. Because of the smooth surface of most vinyl flooring, you would be far better served with a regular old broom that vacuum. Vacuums can have a hard time actually suctioning the surface of vinyl flooring, but a broom will sweep everything into a nice pile. • Mop Monthly – At Least. Depending on the amount and type of traffic you have on your vinyl flooring, you may want to mop weekly. You will know soon after you install it how much cleaning will be necessary to keep the floors shiny. • Scrub Scarcely – The point of regular cleaning is to reduce the amount of “hands and knees” scrubbing you will need to do. Scrub the floors with a low abrasive only when absolutely necessary. Scrubbing the surface can scratch it which will only lead to more scrubbing. By sweeping and mopping regularly, you will certainly avoid over scrubbing.



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