Laying Laminate on Top of Vinyl Tile Flooring

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Can I lay new flooring on top of existing vinyl tile flooring? yes. in vinyl, you would need to use Interflex vinyl. also, you could use a laminate .

Laying Laminate on Top of Vinyl Tile Flooring

If you are looking to replace your flooring but want to avoid the added labor of removing your existing flooring, don't worry. You may be able to simply apply your new floors over your existing ones. Specifically, you can often lat laminate wood flooring directly on top of existing vinyl tile floors. Too many people break their backs removing vinyl tile when they didn't have to in the first place. First, determine how level your existing floors are. You can use a long 2x4 piece of wood for this. Simply start at the center of the room and spin the board to the edges. If there are no large gaps between the floor and the board at any point, then your floors should be level enough to lay laminate right on top. Be sure to buy underlayment to provide some cushion between the existing vinyl tile flooring and the new laminate surface. This will also help level out any spots that may be slightly off. When the job is done, nobody will ever know that you saved yourself hours of work and stress by leaving the vinyl tile flooring instead of removing it.



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