3 Tips for Removing Vinyl Flooring

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What are some effective tips for removing vinyl flooring?

3 Tips for Removing Vinyl Flooring

Replacing vinyl flooring is an arduous task that shouldn't be entered into without proper preparation and planning. Having done this myself let me offer you a few tips on how to make the job easier. Here are some vinyl flooring tips: • Get a Stripper – Easy… I mean a chemical stripper. You will want to get a strong chemical to eat away the adhesive seal between the floor and the vinyl flooring. Be sure to get a hook knife and score the surface of the vinyl at any cracks before applying the stripper. Once applied…. • Get a Long-Handled Scraper – These heavy duty blade surfaces are essential to getting the eroded vinyl flooring up after you have applied the chemicals. It is all about leverage, so get a long handle. Preferable, you should purchase a scraper with a foot press to provide you extra strength behind each effort. • Protect Yourself – When using a chemical to strip up the floors, use a mask to protect yourself from the caustic fumes. Also, wear goggles when scraping the floor. Pieces of vinyl flooring can shoot up at any time and catch you in the eye. As I have also been a victim of this, I cannot stress it enough… it hurts.



8/13/2006 7:54:04 PM
Elizabeth said:

I am curious as to what stripping chemical works. I am trying not to kill the terazo underneath (or my back) so I am looking for something that will break the gule. I have two layers, the first seems to come up easily but the bottom layer is really stuck.


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