A Brief Education on Persian Carpets

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What makes Persian carpets special?

A Brief Education on Persian Carpets

What have made Persian carpets remain highly desirable throughout time are the intricate, symbolic patterns, which have fascinated carpet enthusiasts and art lovers. In general, Persian carpets designs can be separated into two categories: carpets with a geometric pattern, and carpets with curvilinear patterns, or, "floral carpets".

Historically woven by nomads, geometrically patterned Persian carpets, are decorated with linear patterns composed of horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines. Although combined, these patterns become beautiful through their repetition of the same motif throughout the entire rug. These motifs of individual Persian carpets are often used to determine the maker and original place of origin.

Above all, Persian carpets remain highly desirable because of the intricacy and unique nature of their designs. If you are looking to pull you room together with one final piece, look for a Persian carpet to give a unique finishing touch to your space.



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