What is Frieze Carpet?

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What is Frieze Carpet? some say it's short shag. it's a carpet that has extra twist per strand of yarn. the more tiwst, the better the bounceback

What is Frieze Carpet?

Need tips about carpets (specifically frieze carpet)? Frieze carpet is a twisted cut carpet best used in high traffic areas. Frieze carpet has very short fibers that curl in different directions at the surface to hide markings such as footprints and vacuum marks. If the yarns are twisted tightly, the tufts become more distinct and bend in many different directions. Rather than standing tightly to form a smoother surface, each individual tuft remains its own. This is the secret to the clustered look of frieze carpets. You can choose from a variety of densities when it comes to frieze carpet. Highly resilient, it's truly a solid surface that needs little, easy maintenance. Frieze most often comes in wool combined with man made fibers. Good quality Frieze styled carpet is one of the most durable styles available to you. With its heavy texturing, great durability, and long lasting design, you should look into frieze carpet for your office or utility space flooring.



8/2/2006 9:11:11 PM
Elaine said:

Interesting and informative article.

6/1/2007 5:55:21 AM
Patricia said:

What factors determine a good quality frieze?


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