Featured Styles of Shaw Carpets

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What are popular styles of Shaw carpets?

Featured Styles of Shaw Carpets

Shaw Carpets offers thousands of different colors and styles, however there are a few styles in particular that are considered their most featured. Here are a some examples. Persian Style – One of the most popular styles of Shaw carpets, their collection is named the Nicklaus Rug Collection. Inspired by Persian styles, this collection combines paneled looks and bold textures. Many colors are available so contact a Shaw representative for more details. The Kathy Ireland Collection – The Kathy Ireland Shaw rugs are made from polypropylene to for a durable and affordable area rug. As a world renowned model, Ms. Ireland has traveled across the globe and this collection is inspired from her many travels. The Phillip Crowe Collection – Phillip Crowe is a wildlife illustrator who provides his talents to Shaw Carpets to design amazing designs for their rugs. These awe inspiring rugs can be used as either an area rug or as wall art. These are just a few of the selections of Shaw Carpets that are available. For information on other styles of Shaw carpets, visit a retail center.



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