Installing Carpet Squares - Plan Ahead

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How do I begin installing carpet squares in my home? start in a corner and move across to the far wall

Installing Carpet Squares - Plan Ahead

If you are redesigning an area of your home or office with carpet squares and looking for tips about carpet tiles, there is a first step that you must complete thoroughly before you start laying it down – planning. Because of the precise measurement and patters created with carpet squares, it is crucial to first plan your project all the way to completion.

Measure out your area to scale as best as possible to start. Once you have your map, go ahead and do the necessary math to determine how many squares you will need to fill the space. This will depend on the pattern that you choose for your carpet squares. Sketch out your pattern so that you can see it clearly. Often, it is beneficial to take regular paper or cardboard and cut out the size of the squares you will be using. Take these cutouts and lay them on your flooring surface to get a clear vision of the finished area.

Once you have planned your pattern and design, you can now go out and be confident that you are buying the right amount and style of carpet squares for your particular space.



10/26/2006 7:04:03 PM
Mary D said:

Great idea to start. would like more information on floor prep etc.


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