Negotiating Lower Carpet Prices

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How can I get the lowest possible carpet prices? shop around. be sure everyone is quoting you on the VERY SAME PRODUC T

Negotiating Lower Carpet Prices

Depending on where you are buying your carpet from, you may be able to pay less than what the tag says. Of course, most big retail chains have little flexibility when it comes to their carpet prices, however, many manufacturers and suppliers will be able to negotiate with you when it comes to the price of your total project. Remember, more goes into carpet prices than the carpet alone. If you are having it professionally installed, this will often add quite a bit to your total project costs. When making your carpet purchase, speak with your supplier about reducing the amount of your installation. If you are doing a very large project, you can often get a lower carpet price simply for the amount of carpet you order. Bulk orders have more flexible carpet prices so be sure to ask about that when making your order. Don't pay sticker price if you don't have to. Have no reservations about asking your supplier how you can reduce your carpet prices for them to get your business for the order.



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