Area Rugs - Get a Tight Knit

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Is the knit of an area rug important?

Area Rugs - Get a Tight Knit

Looking for tips about area rugs? If you are using area rugs to manage high traffic areas of your home or for your living or dining space, you should look for the best quality rugs available. When using an area rug in these types of places, the high traffic can often translate into snags or pulls if the knit is too loose and the quality is off. These pulls and snags will inevitably lead to your needing to buy a new area rug to replace the damaged one.

The better the quality, the tighter the knit; the tighter the knit, the fewer pulls you will get. Now you have had to buy two area rugs when you could have spent less in the first place for a better quality. Don't make this mistake. If you are buying an area rug for your home, go for quality over price and you will save money down the road.



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