Cleaning Your Valuable Rugs

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How should I clean my area rugs of value?

Cleaning Your Valuable Rugs

If you have had an accident on a particularly valuable rug in your home, do not waste any time in taking care of it. Here are some tips about area rugs and cleaning:

Immediately grab paper towels and soak up as much as possible from the spill. Do not apply too much pressure as the point of acting swiftly is to prevent absorption – which pressure would enhance. Make sure to dry from the back as well to get any moisture that has soaked through already.

After you have soaked up as much as possible – you should continue until the spill is barely visible – you will want to use a mild detergent to clean the remaining area. Rub the detergent with warm water gently in a single stroke rather than circles. Go ‘with the grain' of the rug when cleaning.

Allow to dry by air after soaking up and rinsing any remaining detergent. Make sure you use a mild soap to prevent further damage to the rugs. If your stain is still there after this process, consult with a professional cleaner as to your next step.



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