The Best Materials for Area Rugs

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What materials should I look for in an area rug?

The Best Materials for Area Rugs

When it comes to your choices of material in area rugs there are some tips about area rugs and the various materials they're made from that you should know.

First, natural materials, like cotton, wool, or silk will last much longer than area rugs made from synthetic fibers. In addition to their durability, natural fibers will never release chemical gases, which is a typical side effect of synthetic fibers. Natural fibers are also far less benign when it comes to health concerns such as allergies.

From an environmental perspective, there is a new concern that discarded area rugs and wall to wall carpeting made from synthetic fibers are filling out dumps to no end. Many area rugs of the Persian or Oriental type are passed on from one generation to another. For these reasons, you should look into a natural fiber area rug that will last your family for years to come.



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