Pulling Up Laminate Floors

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How can I pull up my previously installed laminate floors? most laminates are self locking and can be removed very easily.

Pulling Up Laminate Floors

If you are ready for a change and want to replace your laminate floors, you can life the existing floors easily to prepare for your new flooring. First, choose an access point from which to begin your removal. If you used quarter-round to connect to the baseboards, you want to remove it all to make a clean edge for your new flooring. If you put baseboards on top of your laminate floors, you will want to only remove as little as possible in order to salvage what you can for the new floors. If you were planning on replacing your baseboards along with your laminate floors, you can pull it all off. Once you have a clear access point, you can begin lifting up the laminate by a simple lift and turn action to release the locking system that has held it in place. If your laminate floors were adhered to the ground, you will need to use a scraper and chemical peeler to life the laminate floors. Once you begin with the self locking style, you will have the whole floor up in less than an hour. The adhered laminate floors will take a considerable amount more time and you should employ safety precautions when peeling it up.



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