Common Mistakes in Laying Laminate Floors

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What should I look out for when laying my laminate floors? that the end joints do not match up with one another.

Common Mistakes in Laying Laminate Floors

If you fail to read a book, watch a video, or get accurate laminate flooring tips, you're likely to make some mistkaes when installing yours. There are many common mistakes that people fall into when installing laminate floors. We want to help you steer clear of as many as possible. Here are a few to remember when you begin your laminate floor project. • Measure, Measure, Measure – Too many people miss-measure or miss-order their laminate floors and end up short of what they require to finish the job. • Put an Even Layer of Padding – Whether you are laying your laminate floors on a concrete slab or over existing vinyl floors, you must use an even layer of underlayment padding in order to ensure the floors do not bow over time. • Do Not Leave Anything on The Floor – Sometimes, people will accidentally leave a spacer, or some other object on the floor when they are laying their planks. There is no bigger pain than having to pull up half of what you have already done in order to fish it out. • Leave a Gap at Your Walls & Thresholds – Laminate floors will expand and contract over time. Be sure to leave a slight gap at each wall and threshold to allow this natural process to occur with damaging the floors from pressure. These are just a few common mistakes that people make when laying laminate floors. Keep your eye out for these and any others that may cross your path.



10/10/2006 1:13:11 PM
Becky said:

If you have to install around stairs or doorways, Check to be sure that you have at least a 4 " strip of material. Also a profile (contour) guage can make cutting a lot easier.


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