Covering Thresholds When Laying Laminate Floors

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How can I cover the gap between rooms of laminate floors? transition moldings like T-Molds/Reducers/Baby Thresholds will do the job

Covering Thresholds When Laying Laminate Floors

When laying laminate flooring, you will want to leave gaps at opportune spaces such as door and hallway thresholds. When you approach these areas, you can leave a gap of about an inch between one room to another and use a threshold piece to cover the space. These spaces are important in the event you ever need to replace or do a major repair on any section of the laminate floors. They give you a closer access point from which you can get to the piece you need to replace. Want to hear one of the best laminate flooring tips? To cover these gaps, you can purchase molded pieces of laminate that match your floor. Consult your manufacturer or salesperson when ordering your flooring to inquire about what types of thresholds they offer. You can get ones that are squared at the corners or rounded to prevent stubbing your toe. Be sure to order these when you order your floors because you don't want to be in a situation where they run out of stock in your style. To install the thresholds, you will need to drill into the floor with a masonry drill bit to create a space for your anchors. Next, lay the strip of plastic that the threshold will snap onto by screwing it into the anchors that you placed in the drilled holes. Once secured in place, snap the threshold to the plastic strip and your laminate floors will have gaps no longer.



8/19/2006 11:35:03 PM
Violet said:

This was very helpful. I enjoyed reading the simple instructions. You covered all my questions except one. Where do you place the starter board when you are doing a bedroom only. Do you start at the entrance of the room or the far side of the room working your way to the entrance of the room. I also would like to know which side of the laminate should you place against the wall where you start? Should it be the wide grove or the short grove side?


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