Filling Chips in Laminate Floors

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How can I fix a chip in my laminate floors? you'll need to replace that board. there's no easy fix to patching a laminate crack.

Filling Chips in Laminate Floors

Because of how they are manufactured, laminate floors can often get small cracks which can develop into chips in the laminate. These chips can spread if they are not mended quickly. Want some laminate flooring tips on repairs? Here are a few ways you can fill these chips in before they cause more damage. Your first option is an acrylic filler compound. Many brand of acrylic filler are made for laminate floors in several colors and styles. Take a piece of your scrap laminate from when it was installed and bring it to your local home improvement store. Match the color of the plank to the filler as best as you can. You will be surprised to see that you do not require a perfect match, so don't beat yourself up looking for one. When you get back home, apply the acrylic filler as instructed on the package and let dry. This will give you the end result of a hard surface that can only be seen as a chip by the keenest of eyes. There is also putty filler for laminate floors that can be used for repairs. The difference is the texture of the putty versus the acrylic filler. Putty is thicker and better for larger chips and for even results. Simply use a rubber trowel to spread the putty into the chipped space. Let dry and you will also get a hard surface that, depending on the color match, will hardly be noticeable. Filling in chips in laminate flooring is easy and can be done in less than an hour.



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