Advantages of Pergo Flooring

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Why should I spend the money on Pergo flooring?

Advantages of Pergo Flooring

Many people wonder if it is worth the cost of using Pergo flooring, generally known as the pioneers in modern wood laminate flooring. Well, there actually are some advantages that other manufacturers have yet to match. First, Pergo has a patented locking system for its planks. This system has the tightest seal of any laminate flooring on the market and will keep those little gaps from appearing a year after you lay the floor. Also, Pergo flooring comes with a warranty that is also the industry standard. Wood can get damaged easier than tile floors and because of this, the Pergo warranty is nothing to sneeze at. Read through it on their website and see why this is an important factor in choosing Pergo flooring. There are many other advantages to Pergo flooring, but in the end, you must do your own cost analysis to see if it is worth it for you to go with the brand name leader. If not, there are certainly great alternatives to choose from that will provide you with a great looking floor.



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