Laminate Flooring - Get Your Cuts Right

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What is the best way to make my cuts when laying laminate flooring? use a table saw. always cut laminate with the face down to prevent splintering.

Laminate Flooring - Get Your Cuts Right

So you have decided to lay your new laminate floor yourself. With the newer snap-lock technology, laminate flooring can be a breeze. Most important in the process is to cut straight after measuring twice. When approaching doorways or walls, you will need to cut your planks in a staggered fashion to get the best lock across the whole floor. When making your cuts, use a sturdy table saw with a fine blade. Many people attempt to use a circular saw for these cuts and find themselves throwing away too many pieces of chipped planks. The fine blade is the key to making cuts in laminate flooring. Because laminate flooring is just that, a laminated surface, the surface can quite easily chip when cutting. With a fine blade, you can get clean lines and cut smoothly. Again, make sure you measure twice and cut once. Also, do not forget that laminate flooring needs to ‘breathe', so leave a slight gap at the walls and doorways to allow for expansion and contraction.



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