Pets - Protect Your Hardwood Floors from Them

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How can I prevent my pets from damaging my hardwood floors?

Pets - Protect Your Hardwood Floors from Them

Looking for hardwood flooring tips? Of the many dangers to hardwood floors, pets and their nails are one of the biggest culprits. If you have dogs or cats as well as hardwood floors, here are some tips to keep the two from clashing in a way that result in your floors suffering. First, keep those nails trim. If you can't cut your dog or cat's nails yourself, get them to your veterinarian regularly. While it is tough to see the immediate damage that pet nails can cause to hardwood floor, over time, you will see the wear in the form of stubble across you entire wood floor. Next, keep the food away from the floors, and particularly the water. If your dogs or cats are like mine, they can't keep the food or drink in the bowl. Hardwood floor does not do great with moisture over time. Just the drips from a water bowl can leave stains that will last longer than the pets sometimes. To keep your hardwood floor like new in the face of pets, keep their nails trim and keep them from tracking their food and drink onto the surface. It isn't a failsafe, but it's a start.



7/5/2007 5:12:50 PM
Marie H. said:

My concern (with my long-haired cats & hardwood flooring) is the inevitable hairballs, or those days when the food doesn't sit well. Of course the goal is to clean it up as soon as possible, but I admit that more than once I've woken up to a 'present' left during the night. What to do in that case?

7/16/2007 9:53:52 AM
Terri said:

the tip about the water does not give a solution! If all your floors are wooden what can you place under or around the water bowl to keep the floor dry??????????


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