Carpeting Over Hardwood Floors

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Should I carpet directly over my hardwood floors? yes, or install a pad over the wood floors than the carpet.

Carpeting Over Hardwood Floors

If you currently have hardwood floors and are looking to put a new layer of carpet over them because they have aged, you can rest assured this is not a difficult job. Many people believe that they would need to remove the hardwood flooring before laying down carpet, but this is not the case. Because hardwood floors are generally flat and level, you can start adding you carpet padding directly on top of the existing floors once you have placed you edge boards in place. Once the padding is down, you can start rolling out and tightening the carpet. Tack the carpet directly into the hardwood floors as well as into the edging. You will get a tight seal from the double layers of wood to staple or nail through. Finish by stretching and molding the edges of the new carpet. Many would shudder at the thought of replacing hardwood floors with carpet, but this is a matter of personal choice and if you want to put carpet down over hardwood floors, don't waste the energy pulling the hardwood floors up if you don't need to.



4/10/2008 12:17:02 PM
corrie said:

I am replacing some existing carpet with pad installed over hardwood floors. I don't want to eliminate the possibility of restoring the hardwood floors at a later date. Any advise on how to install the pad in a way that doesn't irreparably damage the hardwood?


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