Using an Epoxy for Garage Flooring

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How do I epoxy my garage flooring?

Using an Epoxy for Garage Flooring

Using an epoxy for your garage flooring is not all that different from painting it. First, you will want to thoroughly clean the surface of the garage flooring. It is important with epoxy that no moisture or particles get between the coat and the concrete. After cleaning, you will want to put down a layer of epoxy primer. This is used to create a better seal between the concrete and the epoxy that you will add in step three. Now, lay on your first coat of epoxy using a roller or mop. A roller is preferable to get the most even coat across all of your garage flooring.

Epoxy for your garage flooring is an easy project that takes little time and can enhance the look of your garage flooring greatly. Comparison shop for the colors and prices that are available for purchase. Between the Internet and local home improvement centers, you will surely find the right one for you.



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