Choices in Hard Wood Flooring

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What are the options for types of hard wood flooring? your choices are solid 3/4" and engineered wood floors

Choices in Hard Wood Flooring

If you are trying to choose what style or type of hard wood flooring to use in your home, you should know the most used types of wood to choose from. In general, only a few types of wood flooring are used. Here are the different choices in cuts of wood flooring.

• Solid Hard Wood Flooring – Solid pieces of wood cut into planks that are usually 3/4" thick. Solid hardwood flooring is not recommended for concrete slabs.

• Engineered Hard Wood Flooring – Several different pieces of wood that are glued and laminated together to form a plank. These can range in thickness from 1/4" to just over a half inch. Recommended for concrete slabs.

• Long-strip Hard Wood Flooring – Engineered wood flooring, but with a wider and longer individual piece. This means that each piece covers three times the surface area of a normal flooring plank. Most laminate wood flooring comes in this form.

Those are the different forms in which you can purchase wood flooring. Depending on what style you desire, the cut will vary.



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