Reducing Slipping Accidents on Tile Flooring

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How can I make my tile flooring safer?

Reducing Slipping Accidents on Tile Flooring

Too often, people can slip and fall on slick tile flooring. This can make for unnecessary pain for the victim and unnecessary headaches for the homeowner or business proprietor. If you want to reduce the chance of someone slipping on your tile flooring, here are a few ways how.

Keep the floors clean. The most common reason for people slipping on tile flooring is because there was either dry dirt or a wet spill that sent them flying. Dirt on tile flooring does not provide traction, but rather makes the surface even slicker than the finish. Wet spills can obviously make it easier to slip on an already slick surface. Keep your tile flooring clean to be safer.

Another way to help prevent slips on your tile flooring is to apply a thin layer of resin or wax with your mop. Wax and resin can take all the slick out of your tile flooring without making them look worse for the wear – in fact, the effect is one of a very high polish that will make them look better.

Take whatever precautions you can to make you home or office safer for everyone walking on your tile flooring.



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