Painting Your Garage Flooring

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How do I paint my garage flooring? with a brush, roller or a paint sprayer

Painting Your Garage Flooring

Want some flooring tips on painting your garage flooring? Painting your garage flooring is simple and a fairly short project. Here is a quick step-by-step guide on how to get the best results when painting your garage flooring.

• Clear Out – If your garage is like mine, this may be the hardest part. Get everything out of your garage so that all floor surfaces are visible and open.

• Clean Up – Now, you will need to do a thorough cleaning of the surface. If you have had a car in the garage, you will need to use a chemical pressure washer to get up the accumulated grease and grime on the floor. A clean surface is essential to a good final product.

• Let it Dry – After pressure washing, you will want to give the floor a day or two to dry out. Concrete holds moisture and if you let any get between the floor and the paint, your paint will be peeling in no time.

• Get Painting – Using a long handled roller that you can use while standing, begin applying a heavy latex paint to the concrete. Specific paints are made for concrete garage flooring. These can provide the best seal and longest life.

• Do It Again – Give about 2 to three coats of paint on the surface, letting each coat dry for an hour or so. Latex dries fairly quickly, but it is important not to rush if you want a great finished product.

That's it. You can apply a layer of sealant if you like, but with a good paint, it is often not necessary. Good luck on your garage flooring project!



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