Wood Flooring - Choose the Right Underlayment

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What do I use as padding under my new wood flooring? you don't put pad under a wood floor unless you float it [engineered and laminates only]

Wood Flooring - Choose the Right Underlayment

Whether you are putting in laminate wood flooring or hard wood flooring, you will need to put down underlayment to provide cushioning to the floors. This underlayment will provide not only a soften feel, but will also reduce the noise of the floor greatly. If you have pets, good underlayment can keep their nails from keeping you up at night.

First, see if the manufacturer of your laminate or hardwood flooring has any recommended densities or thicknesses for their particular model. If they do not, then shop around for the best price on a well reviewed brand and type.

Choosing the right underlayment for your wood flooring is almost as important as choosing the right wood flooring. Don't skip over this step when you are redoing your floors.



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