Paint or Epoxy Resin for Your Garage Flooring?

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Should I use paint or an epoxy for my garage flooring?

Paint or Epoxy Resin for Your Garage Flooring?

When finishing your garage flooring, you have two main choices that will last a long time under the harsh conditions that come with a car being parked on top of the surface. You can choose either to put several layers of latex paint or a few layers of an epoxy resin on your garage flooring.

Both paint and epoxy have similar costs, so there is not much to debate there. The only difference would be from the costs of needing more paint than epoxy for the job as paint should have more layers to hold up. The main difference between the two is in the labor involved in each.

Either way, you will want to pressure wash your garage flooring before you begin. It is important to have a clean surface before you begin. Once the project is finished, you will notice that the epoxy finish is a little more resistant to stains and long term abuse because it is a denser material. If you plan on using your garage like a garage, go for the epoxy. If you are looking for a color and aesthetics mean the most, go with paint where you can have a far greater selection of colors for your garage flooring.



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