Carpet Flooring - What to do When Moisture Hits

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What do I do if my carpet flooring is flooded? try using a wet/dry vac, but in most cases, the carpet & pad will need to be removed. Mold will start.

Carpet Flooring - What to do When Moisture Hits

If you are faced with water-damaged carpet flooring, your options for salvaging it will depend on the source of flooding. If floodwater consisted of clean water, drying and cleaning your carpet flooring is an easy decision. However, if contaminated floodwater has damaged your carpet flooring, you probably will need to discard and replace it.

Here are a few flooring tips on how to deal with flooded carpet flooring:
• Most carpet flooring, whether wall to wall or large area rugs that are contaminated with floodwater should be discarded.

• Because of the cost of professional cleaning of area rugs, salvage those which are worth the money.

• If you are dead set on saving your carpet flooring flooded with dirty water, use a professional cleaning service with its own cleaning and drying facilities. Steam cleaning is your best option.

• Throw rugs can be cleaned well enough by simply throwing them (no pun intended) into your washing machine.



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