Tips to Spruce Up Your Flooring

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How can I give my flooring a new look without starting from scratch?

Tips to Spruce Up Your Flooring

If you have floors that have grown old in your eyes but do not want the expense of completely installing new flooring, here are a few flooring tips on how to liven up what you do have.

• Area Rugs – A good design of area rug can pull your room together and draw your attention away from the flooring underneath. Pick an area rug that matches your décor and you can't go wrong.

• Dye Your Carpet – If you have carpeting for flooring and want a new look, check into dying your carpet rather than replacing it. It is a very low cost alternative that will give you a totally new look.

• Refinish Your Wood – Like dying your carpets, refinishing your wood flooring can give a whole new look to your area without gutting and starting from scratch. If you have a lightwood right now, give it a cherry stain. You can find out more about refinishing wood flooring here at

Don't just sit on your current flooring if it isn't what you want. Take these suggestions or come up with some of your own ideas and you will get the new look you want.



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