Different Textures of Ceramic Tile

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What are differences in textures of ceramic tile?

Different Textures of Ceramic Tile

When buying ceramic tile, you should consider the texture and surface finish that you would like for your area. The difference in surface finish and texture matters for many reasons. Here are a few. First, a smooth surface ceramic tile will need less scrubbing for cleaning but more polishing. As opposed to a textured ceramic tile which will need more scrubbing and less polishing. Dirt will get into the textures of a non-smooth surface which will need to be scrubbed out, while the smooth surface won't absorb dirt, but will need polishing to keep the mirror finish. You should also consider the comfort of your barefeet across the surface. Would you rather walk on a textured floor or a polished ceramic tile? Keep this in mind because you will be walking on this surface for a long time after you finish. Lastly, what matches with the rest of your area? At chief, your floors should match with the rest of your room and/or home. Select the texture of your ceramic tile based on how it will fit with the rest of your space.



7/22/2007 2:51:07 PM
linda said:

Believe me, textured ceramic tiles are a nightmare to keep clean. Dirt collects in the grooves and textures, and only hand-scrubbing with a stiff brush and cleaning solution will get it out. Even a commercial grade floor scrubber doesn't get into the crevasses. Light colors are especially bad; they always look dirty, no matter how regularly they're cleaned.


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