Marble, Granite, or Ceramic Floor Tile?

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Should I use granite, marble, or ceramic floor tile?

Marble, Granite, or Ceramic Floor Tile?

Designing your home or office is a matter of personal taste and yours is your own. For hard flooring, there are three main choices you have; marble flooring, granite flooring, or ceramic floor tile. Here is a quick breakdown of the three. First, there is cost to consider. Marble will typically be the most costly of the three styles for your floors. Granite is not too far behind, so look for sale prices if you are interested in marble or granite flooring. Ceramic floor tile, on the other hand, is far less expensive, at its face, and still less expensive even after adding in the costs of grout, mortar, etc. Marble and granite do have their advantages. Primarily, these two surfaces will have the most durability of the three. Ceramic floor tile is far more porous than marble or granite and is therefore more susceptible to cracking or chipping. If long life is a must for your flooring, look to granite or marble over ceramic floor tile. Maintenance is also an area where marble and granite are slightly more advantageous than ceramic floor tile. Again, because of the density of the material, and depending on the surface finish of the tile, dirt can accumulate far more in ceramic floor tile than in granite or marble. However, the glossy finish of marble and granite makes for a greater need for polishing than with ceramic floor tile. Each of these three flooring types has their advantages and disadvantages. The ones listed are only a few. As I said in the beginning, what you choose is simply a matter of personal taste.



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