Ceramic Floor Tile vs. Ceramic Wall Tile

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Is there a difference between ceramic floor tile and ceramic wall tile?

Ceramic Floor Tile vs. Ceramic Wall Tile

You can often see walls tiled with a border of ceramic tile. Many people do not understand that these tiles are not the same. Their characteristics are very similar; however, there are major differences that make all the difference in the world. Before trying to apply ceramic floor tile to a wall, take note of some of these differences. First, wall tiles are thinner than floor tiles. Because of gravity, wall tiles are made slightly thinner to make adherence to your wall easier. Wall tiles are also often more porous on their adhesive side than ceramic floor tiles, again for ease of installation. Ceramic floor tile on the other hand is made thicker for application to flat surfaces. It is also set with a different mixture of thinset mortar. You can find most styles of floor tile made for walls as well so that you can match your border to your floors. Consult with a ceramic floor tile specialist to see if they can find the style you are looking for in both ceramic floor tile and ceramic wall tile.



11/26/2011 3:45:42 PM
charlie said:

i have always installed floor tile on my walls without any problem. so why the change? for one thing so called wall tiles are smaller, thereby more costly to cover the same space.


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