Replacing a Single Ceramic Tile

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How can I replace individual pieces of ceramic tile?

Replacing a Single Ceramic Tile

Many times, a single tile in a large floor will sustain some damage. Plenty of homeowners will get overly excited thinking that this means needing to replace a large portion of their floors. This is not the case. Ceramic tile repair is fairly easy and requires few steps. Here are some ceramic tile tips on maintenance and repair: First, locate the tile that needs to be removed. Next, take a hammer and fine chisel and slowly begin to chip away at the grout that lines the specific piece of ceramic tile. Take your time with this to avoid damaging nearby tiles. Once you have the grout up, begin chipping away at the piece of affected tile from the outside in. By clearing out the grout, you have given yourself a gap with which you can cleanly break away the bad piece. Once you have fully removed the bad piece, chisel away at the thinset mortar underneath. This will come up fairly easy with a good hammer and flathead screwdriver. Now that the area is open, you can mix a new batch of thinset, lay it down, and insert your new tile where the old one used to be. Once the new ceramic tile has had 2 days to set, you can re-grout and match your colors.



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