Do It Yourself Ceramic Tile Installation

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Can I do my own ceramic tile installation? - yes, most dealers and box stores will even offer installation classes

Do It Yourself Ceramic Tile Installation

If you have an area where you would like to put in ceramic tile and it is not too intricate of a shape, don't be afraid to try ceramic tile installation on your own. I have laid my own tile in my house and I can tell you, it was easier than I thought and far less expensive than paying someone to do it. Here are some ceramic tile tips on installation: First, get your supplies, including tile, saw, spacers, chalkline, trowel, mortar, and grout. Next, map out your pattern by measuring and applying chalkline to determine your center. After you have your basic pattern, start mocking up the design. Mock your ceramic tile installation by laying out the tiles in the places where they will end up. Use spacers to separate the tiles accurately. Once laid out, make your necessary cuts on end pieces. Now that you have the pattern set, begin mixing your thinset mortar and applying a thin layer to your surface. Only mix and lay as much as you immediately need as thinset hardens quickly. Once you have the mortar in place, begin setting your tiles and applying your spacers. Once you begin, you will see that you will finish in no time. Let the mortar dry for 2 days before beginning grout. You will find that ceramic tile installation is far easier than you anticipated and will save you money to use on other parts of your house.



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