Using a Wet Saw for Cutting Ceramic Tiles

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Why do you use a wet saw for cutting ceramic tiles? wet saws cut the tile the best

Using a Wet Saw for Cutting Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are made from very hard materials. In order to cut these into smaller or shapelier pieces, you must use a wet saw. You see, when cutting such a hard surface, the saw and the material will get extremely hot. Unless controlled, this heat will cause the tiles to break and your say blade to dull.

Wet saws are very simple. They are basically comprised of a normal table saw with either a water reservoir or a hose that will constantly wet the blade. The saw blades for cutting ceramic tiles are typically made of diamond tip shavings for longer lasting lives and more total cuts.

Wear safety goggles when operating a wet saw. They move at extremely high RPM and can easily shoot particles in your eyes. A safety mask is also advised to keep you from inhaling too much of the ceramic dust that will be created when cutting.



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