Cutting Corners with Ceramic Tile

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What is the best way to cut around corners with ceramic tile? us a wet saw.

Cutting Corners with Ceramic Tile

Very few tiling projects work out to be perfect squares. Most projects will require a large amount of cutting in order to get the perfect fit around corners of a room. Here are a few ceramic tile tips for making good cuts around your room: • Get a Wet Saw – Ceramic tile is a much different cut than wood or most other materials. You will want a wet saw to keep the surface from overheating as you cut. • Measure Your Angles Precisely - You do not want to be filling big gaps with grout to fix a bad cut. Measure precisely, and then measure again before making your cuts. • Undercut – It is far easier to go back and cut more off of a large piece of ceramic tile than it is to have to scrap an entire piece because you overcut. Be conservative in your cutting and you will throw away fewer whole pieces in the end. Be sure to use care when cutting ceramic tile. Wear safety goggles and always cut away from yourself to avoid shooting particles.



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