Choosing the Right Thickness of Carpet Padding

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How do I know what thickness of carpet padding I need? no lighter in density than 6 lb and no thicker than 1/2"

Choosing the Right Thickness of Carpet Padding

Walking on carpet is comfortable, but walking on nicely padded carpet can be divine. If you are installing carpet in your home, be sure to pick out the right type of carpet padding to go with your surface and style of carpet. The thickness of your carpet padding will depend on two things; the surface that it is going on, and the type of carpet that is going on top of it. For harder surfaces like concrete slabs, go with a thicker padding to provide a softer feel to the flooring. If you are applying it over existing, softer flooring, you will not need to worry quite as much about too thick of padding. Your carpet padding will also depend on the carpet you are using. Most manufacturers sell complimentary carpet padding for each of their styles. Check with your supplier to see if they offer their own. If they do not, ask them if they have a recommended thickness for their specific carpeting. Be sure to use the right carpet padding for your room. It can make the difference between walking in content comfort for years to come and walking on air.



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