How to Install Carpet – Your First Step is Preparation

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How can I install carpet for myself? before you begin installing, take a class like most dealers can offer you or go online to a diy site.

How to Install Carpet – Your First Step is Preparation

Installing carpet is a job that most anyone can do with the time and the tools. Here is a quick tutorial on the first and most crucial steps to get started. First, assuming you have already bought your carpet, padding, and tools, you will need to prep the area. Get some help with extracting any furniture from the space where the carpet will be laid. Once all of the furniture is gone, you will need to pull up any existing flooring that is down. If you are pulling up old carpet, you will want to be careful when getting the staples out of the edges. If your carpet is older, these staples could have rust that, if pricked with, may require you to get a tetanus shot. Use gloves when pulling for a better grip. Once the carpet is up, you will want to also remove the existing padding. This is far easier than the carpet as it can tear easily. Now that the floor is bare, you can sweep and get the surface area ready to start. In learning how to install carpet, it is as important to properly prep your surface as it is to set the new carpet down. Use this site to find the next steps in how to install carpet for you.



7/7/2006 2:34:15 PM
wesley said:

what if the room is not residential, or is glued down? huh? well, if it is glued down, wear gloves (because you will be ripping up the glued down carpet, and will leave blisters if not dow in a certain way.), and use vice grips to get ahold of a corner to begin rip up. for professional installers, this process is called "demo", and usually the hardest part of the job, but it depends on how long the carpet has been laying there, if its fairly new, then it'll be a pain in the back to rip up. if its older, then it'll be easy. and it also depends on how much glue the previous installers used. i did one job that had demo, and the previous installers applied far to much glue and i got stuck to the floor, and to loosen up the grip of the old glue, walk in water before walking on glue, most glue is water soluble.

11/2/2006 7:59:32 PM
roy said:

i'd like to see someone install carpet for themselves. to would be a barrel of laughs. sure bud grab that 12x32 60oz. berber on your shoulder an bring it in. man what a joke. quit lieing to the folks. ha


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