Using Adhesives to Install Carpet

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What will give me the strongest hold when I install carpet?

Using Adhesives to Install Carpet

One of the most important carpet installation tips that you should be aware of is that there is more than one way to lay carpet. Different techniques can be used to ensure the best seal to the ground as possible depending on your surface type. Using staples or brad nails is a standard choice to install carpet, but you can use adhesives as well to provide an even tighter seal to the ground. Even though the staples or nails will secure the edging when you install carpet, carpet can pull over time causing wrinkles and pulls. To reduce the risk of this in the future, look into using an adhesive in conjunction with your staples or nails. Use it around the edging when you install carpet and you will find that over time, you will get less than normal wrinkles and pulls.



7/7/2006 2:25:59 PM
wesley said:

adhesive works best, i use it rather than use nails or staples. only problem with adhesive, is the extra work you have to put in to prep the floor. you have to remove all nails, staples, dust, debre, etc from ground before applying, and then when "glueing" you must do even strokes. trust me i know, i do commercial carpets. and if you choose to do adhesive, you dont have to worry about restretching the carpet over and over again, thats more work for you or the installers. finally, adhesive will keep you carpet down until you pull it up. dont use padding with adhesive...


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