Measure Before You Buy Carpet

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How do I know how much I need when I buy carpet? have a installer measure the areas before you begin.

Measure Before You Buy Carpet

Here is a quick horror story that will show you the importance of measuring before you buy carpet. A friend bought a home when his work required a move. He found a great deal on a house that needed some fixing up. Okay, that is an understatement; it needed a lot of fixing up. He was vigilant that he would do whatever he could do by himself without paying contractors and would do whatever he could to save on his costs. When it came time to do his flooring, Mike decided to use the living square footage according to his survey to determine what he needed. This is not how to buy carpet and here is why (pay attention this is one of the most important buying carpet tips there is). Mike forgot to take into account that A. he wasn't flooring the entire house with carpet and B. carpet requires cutting for installation. When his order arrived and Mike began installing by himself, he realized that he had over ordered by almost 15% of what he needed. Because Mike decided to buy carpet that was on sale at a carpet outlet that had a no return policy, he found he was unable to return the extra that he was left with. So now, poor Mike has an enormous extra roll of carpet taking up space in his garage and nowhere to put it. The moral is simple, when you decide to buy carpet, be sure to accurately measure your space before placing your order. Don't overspend and underplan when you buy carpet for your house.



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