Style and Durability? Congoleum Gives Both

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What is congoleum flooring? Congoleum is a manufacture of sheet vinyl and VCT tile. like Armstrong or Mannington

Style and Durability? Congoleum Gives Both

For people who are looking to spruce up the design of their kitchen, baths, or even entire home, congoleum floors can be the best solution at the lowest costs. Congoleum flooring has been made for over a century and has stood the test of time. Through advances in the manufacturing, you can now find congoleum floors in thousands of patterns and colors. If you are looking for a faux texture on your floors, congoleum can deliver that too. From marble to wood, congoleum comes in almost any style you could imagine. Installation is a breeze as well. It is self adhesive, so anyone can do the job themselves. There are also experts who can assist or completely install your congoleum flooring for you. The durable vinyl surface of congoleum flooring will last for years and years. If you are looking for a durable alternative to higher priced flooring, ask your local retailer or favorite online shopping website for more information on the benefits of congoleum flooring.



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